A "first listen" of some special audio

Posted on by Amanda Rice

This week I've been in touch with the lovely folks at Level Ground, the first faith-based LGBT film and arts festival. Their mission is to be "a safe space for dialogue through art," which they accomplish by curating thoughtful art that "tells stories and fosters reconciliation." Yes - please! 

Because that is so aligned with the goals of The Queerituality Project, I got in touch with Level Ground's founders the very same night that I heard about the project. I am hoping to be able to attend the festival itself -- you should too, if you're on the west coast. Mark your calendars for Feb. 24-28, 2014.

SPOILER ALERT: we're now in conversations about playing short audio excerpts before the film screenings! I'm so excited about the potential to share these powerful voices with a community of people who are engaged around gender, sexuality, and spirituality.

In preparation for this possibility, I've started to edit down short highlights. Here are the first three, including one from Rev. Matt Smucker whose full story is forthcoming. (You can read Iimay and Terna's stories here and here.)

Drumroll, please....

 I'd love to have your feedback on the audio, so please do share in the comments! 

- Mandi