Connections in a small world

Posted on by Amanda Rice

I am agnostic on the subject of divine will. But I am grateful for the human will to trust and to reach out. It is connection that is leading the way forward on this project.

Next week I am driving south to record Queerituality conversations the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, a free conference of 2,500 trans* people and their allies. A connection suggested that I should go, because they have a whole track of events focused around spirituality. Yes, please! 

The person who recommended the Trans-Health Conference was living in my same town, studying in seminary on the same campus where I worked. But we had never met, and wouldn't have if not for this project.

Here's a little story about how we connected: 

  1. One of my co-workers in Indiana, Friend A, saw my project on Facebook
  2. Friend A spread the word to a connection in Boston (Friend B)
  3. Friend B told a friend of hers in New Orleans (Friend C)
  4. Friend C friend told her ex-wife, Friend D, who turned out to live just blocks away from me
  5. Friend D invited me over for dinner, and suggested I visit the Philly Trans Health Conference.
  6. BONUS: She also recommended I connect with Friend E, Jessica Easter, who later shared her Queerituality story.

This chain of connections, and so many others like it, convince me it is indeed a small world, after all. It is through these person-to-person links that I have connected with more than 100 people interested in sharing their stories about spirituality. 

If you know someone who I should connect with, please take a moment to suggest a stop. Thank you!