Intimate details

Posted on by Amanda Rice

Part-way through our conversation, Queerituality participant and seminarian Jessica Easter apologized for sharing her "dirty secrets."  

"No," she corrected herself. "They're not dirty secrets. They're intimate details." 

What a difference! 

In our conversation, Jessica spoke to radical sexualities, sexual ethics, and the tension between seeking acceptance and reinforcing the status quo. It was the kind of intimate discussion that can only happen when we boldly allow ourselves to be seen as we are. 

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing with me. 

Jessica has also allowed me to share her story with you. You can read Jessica Easter's story here. 



Posted on by Amanda Rice

corneilius smith 2.jpg

The Queerituality project has begun.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of visiting with CorNeilius Smith outside of Gary, Indiana.

CorNeilius, an African American, gay, Christian, was the first person I recorded in connection with this project. When I asked him if I could use his story, he said, "We can’t always keep everything a secret all the time. People can be so close-minded, and they’re close-minded because you don’t talk about it... This [openness] comes with being comfortable – I’m comfortable with who I am, so I don’t mind talking about it." 

CorNeilius and I spoke in depth about his understanding of God's love, which has helped him disregard judgements from others.  "In the end, God is going to be the one to judge me," he says.

Without any further ado, here is CorNeilius Smith's story.