Starting out on the journey

Posted on by Amanda Rice

Happy Easter, to those who are celebrating today! For others, best regards for Passover, Holi, spring equinox, and the recently passed or upcoming new year.

As we all celebrate spring, I am celebrating a new beginning, too. Tonight am announcing my next project, Queerituality, to record interviews with LGBTQ people about their spiritual faith and religious journeys. I think it is time that queer people have a voice about spirituality, rather than listening to religious leaders tell us where and whether we fit in.

This summer, the plan is to drive around the country to record interviews in person. I will be taking portraits as well, to document the faces and stories of queer people of faith. (Full details here.)

To determine my itinerary and connect with people of the widest possible diversity of geographies, ages, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, genders, political affiliations, relationship statuses, etc., I need your help.

I know you know gay/bisexual/transgender people, and that some of them were raised to be religious or spiritual. Please share this project with your friends who might be good participants, or who could recommend participants. Or, go ahead and make some recommendations yourself:

I appreciate you in advance!

Queerituality 101

Posted on by Amanda Rice

Queerituality is an idea that emerged fully formed several weeks ago, and I have been working since then to get the project online. Beginning this spring, I will be publishing portraits of LGBT people, along with interviews about their spiritual lives. This summer I will start a road trip to collect even more stories. You can recommend someone to interview here.

Since I first awoke with this idea, several relevant things have happened: 

  • The world watched as the Catholic Cardinals named a new pope, Francis I, with progressive views on many things, but harsh words for gay marriage
  • The Supreme Court of the U.S. heard arguments about California's Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act
  • Jeff Chu is making news appearances about his book "Does Jesus Really Love Me?" - a journalistic look at American Christians' views on homosexuality

At a time when religion and LGBT rights routinely make the nightly news, our conversations on the subject are still very basic:


people of faith.png

Queerituality is about those people in the purple category, whose lives encompass both their queer identity and their spirituality. Often these people are at the margins of religious communities, and sometimes of the LGBTQ community as well. (I have only seen one such person on TV: Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson.)

I am looking forward to helping more voices join this conversation. If you know of someone who fits into the purple section above, please recommend them to be interviewed.