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CorNeilius Smith of Gary, Indiana, said he has always been a spiritual person. He loves singing gospel music, playing music and praying, but he also puts emphasis on Christian action like generosity.

"I'm not uncomfortable with my sexuality or my spirituality. I just think that, like I said, God is the only one who can judge me. As long as I have that connection with Him, and I'm thanking Him as much for everything — you know for life, for my family, friends, career, whatever — I'm fine. So only God can judge me."

"I’m happy to say that I’m a gay African American man. I’m happy to say that I love God. Because He loves me. If He didn’t, I wouldn’t be here." 


* * *

CorNeilius Smith recorded this story in Merrillville, Indiana on Saturday April 27, 2013.