Haley was raised in a quietly affirming Presbyterian church, but when she realized she was bisexual, she spent a lot of time falling away from that faith community. Now in her early 20's, she still identifies as Christian and says that her faith ultimately focuses on God's love. 

"I think as a church in the world and as Christians especially, we have a duty right now to stand up for that most radical of propositions that Jesus put forth, which was Love. Uncompromising, unqualified love. That is the way that Jesus challenges us to change our lives." 

"Jesus’ challenge to Christians is not, “Don’t say that gay is OK.” Jesus’ challenge isn’t to make gays not-gay, to make trans people not-trans, make queer people not-queer. That is not the life change that God requires of us. The challenge that God requires of us is to open our hearts and our minds and to sit with those uncomfortable feelings until we understand where they come from and how we can turn them into love. That’s the only thing that matters. That’s the only thing that we’re here to do, is to learn and to love."

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Haley recorded her reflections on August 2, 2013, in Washington, D.C. Thanks to the Religion & Faith group at the Human Rights Campaign for allowing us to use their space.