The Queerituality Project

Mainstream stories about LGBTQ folks tend to portray us as either secular or, if we are religious, celibate. The Queerituality Project (rhymes with "spirituality") is a collection of portraits and stories from LGBTQ people about their religious journeys and their spiritual lives. The Project shares the stories of people around the U.S. who:

  • Identify as LGBT or queer (e.g. gay, transgender woman, bisexual, same-gender loving, gender non-conforming) and

  • Were raised religious or spiritual, or identify as such now

In nearly 90 recordings The Queerituality Project documents the many folks who are seeking religious belonging while also affirming their gender expression and/or sexuality.  

Mandi Rice began the project in 2013 and particularly sought to include the stories of people of color; people who are trans or gender non-conforming; people who live in rural areas and the U.S. South as well as big cities in the North; and those who come from non-Christian backgrounds.