Share a story

We are all unique, but our stories can resonate with, inspire, and inform others. 

If you are interested in sharing your story, the following information will help you make an informed decision about participating.  


Am I someone you'd want to talk to?

Are you both: A) Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, gender non-conforming or experiencing same-gender attraction, and B) Someone who has been religious or spiritual at some point in your life?

If so, be in touch! Though I have stopped recording stories at the moment, I am still taking suggestions of additional interviewees. You can suggest yourself as a possible participant, or suggest someone who might be interested in participating.

The Queerituality Project aims to include the very broadest range of people, in terms of religious or non-religious identification and experience, as well as age, geography, race and ethnicity, class, immigration status, ability, HIV status, formal education, and other factors that shape our views of and experiences in the world.

What if I'm not out, or don't want to be so visible? 

It's my priority that, if you decide to participate, you feel as safe as possible. You’ll have a chance to specify how much identifying information you want to include. (See the participation agreement.) I can’t guarantee confidentiality, but we can anonymize your story… using just your first name, for example, or taking a photo that doesn’t show your face. The final decisions of whether and how to participate are up to you. If you have questions, feel free to email me.   

What will the recording process be like?

This is not an interview with a specific list of questions; I’ve found that, with subject matter that runs so deep, too many questions actually limit the possible conversation. Instead, it’s a chance for you to reflect on the important ways that queerness and spirituality have interacted in your life. I bring an audio recorder and help to create an open space. Then the magic happens. Afterward I will take your portrait. The whole process takes about an hour, including 20-30 minutes of recording.

Where will my story be shared? 

I will post a portrait, a slightly edited & condensed version of the transcript, and edited audio snippets onto Your words may eventually be shared through print, social, and broadcast media... wherever I can spread the word about The Queerituality Project. (Any editing of the transcript will be done only with your permission and final approval.)

So, how do I volunteer to participate? 

If this sounds all good to you, I hope we'll get to talk soon!  Just suggest yourself as a possible participant, and please encourage others in your area to do the same.